At this time We Are Closed Until Further Notice…

At this time We Are Closed Until Further Notice...

Thursday March 12, 2020

For you, our musicians, and staff We Are Closed Until Further Notice…

Thank you for your support always…These are uncharted times and social
distancing, and adhering to the State and Local Leaders we will be closed
until such time as we get in front of the curve on this Virus.
We thank you so much for all the calls, emails and texts, we do appreciate your
concern and at this time we are all good. The club is Sanitized and we will take
this time to do extra cleaning. When we resume, we will adhere to the limitations,
if any, and will not over sell any shows to keep The Room comfortable and safe.
When we re-open, Please wash your Hands while at the shows. We have excellent bathrooms
with lots of soap. Lets take this time to change some of our habits and be more conscious
to not to shake hands to commend each other. Find a way to express
yourself in other ways…
And in you are not feeling well…Sit this one out.
Thank You
Justin Randi